Unit 5 What’s your hobby

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1. Whats your hobby?     你的爱好是什么?

2. 喜欢的表达法:

1). Like /love /enjoy doing sth  (特点,习惯)

   like to do sth   (某一具体行为)

  I like / love / enjoy listening to music.

 I like to play basketball this afternoon.

 2). be interested in

 be crazy about

 be fond of

be keen on

 He is interested in collecting stamps.

 Im crazy about chatting on line.

  I’m fond of playing chess.

 He is keen on playing basketball.

 3). feel like doing sth

 I dont feel like eating anything now.

1. 不喜欢的表达法:

 dont like / love / enjoy doing sth

dislike doing sth

hate doing sth

 3. boring     exciting     interesting

      bored       excited      interested

        surprising          inspiring

        surprised            inspired

  ing 结尾的形容词用来修饰物或事,以 ed 结尾的形容词用来修饰或描写人。

  All children are interested in this interesting story.

 4. play 与球类活动,棋类及扑克牌搭配时,不用冠词。但与乐器名词搭配时要用定冠词the.

Play the piano / violin / guitar

She likes playing chess.

  They are playing cards.

  He is playing football with his friends.

 He was able to play the piano well at the age of 5.

5.  be sick of  /  be bored  at 对…厌烦

 He is bored at this work.

  He is sick of this work.


一, 单项选择

1. Do I have to take this medicine? It ______so terrible.

    A .tastes   B. is tasting   C .is tasted   D. has tasted

2. ------ Can I help you, sir?

    ------ Yes, I bought this radio yesterday, but it_______.

     A. didnt work   B. wont work   C .cant work   D .doesnt work

  3. ----- When will you tell him the good news?

    ----I will tell him about it as soon as he ______ back.

      A. comes      B .came       C .will come     D. is coming

   4. --- When _______again?

     ---- When he _______, I will let you know.

      A. he comes, comes           B. will he come, will come

      C .he comes, will come        D .will he come, comes

    5. I will go with you as son as I ______ my work.

       A. will finish     B. shall finish     C. finish      D. finished

    6. She enjoys ______ chess, but she ______ like ball games.

       A .playing, doesnt            B. to play, doesnt

       C. playing,  isnt             D .to play, isnt

    7. ______Tang Hua?  ____ she love flying kites?

       A. what about, Is             B. What about, Does

       C .What about, Do           D .How about,   Are

    8. Joe is crazy about ______ music, but he hates_________.

       A .listen to, singing          B.  listening to, singing   

       C .listening, to sing          D.  listen,  to sing

    9. ---- Lets go fishing tomorrow ,ok? -- ____________.

      A .No, thanks    B .Why dont you   C. With pleasure               D.  Whats up?  

    10. --- He dislikes fishing. ------ ___________.

         A .Neither does his brother     B. So does his brother              

         C .So his brother does         D. Neither his brother does

. 完形填空

My parents took me to Japan when I was little. I lived there for five years.__1__   I came back,my Japanese was very good. Can I do something useful with my Japanese? I asked myself.
      Then,one day last spring,I got a good opportunity(机会).
Everyone was afraid of SARS,so I stayed at home with  2  to do.
My father brought me a Japanese book. Why dont you translate(翻译)it into Chinese? It will be better than  3  computer games all day.”
I promised(许诺)to do 2,000 words each day. But   4  I found it was hard to keep the promise.
        One day in May,the weather was beautiful. But I couldn’t go out. Those 2,000 words were still  5  me.
After translating only three pages, I already lost interest in the book.
I looked at it for a long time. But I couldn’t make myself turn the pages. How I   6  I could just go outside and play football with my friends!
I counted the words again and again. I just wanted to give up.
I felt as if two people were fighting  7  my mind. One said,“Don’t give up!Keep working hard,and you’ll do well!”  But then the other one said,“Go and play!It will be more  8  than translating. Do your work tomorrow.”
I stood up and would  9  the computer.
      But then I remembered  10  my parents had told me:“Whatever you do,dont stop half way”So I sat down and went on with it.
(   )1. A. Because     B. Until       C. Since       D. When
(   )2. A. nothing     B. something   C. everything   D. anything
(   )3. A. be played   B. playing     C. played       D. plays
(   )4. A. just then   B. right now   C. soon        D. suddenly
(   )5. A. talking to   B. looking at   C. smiling at   D. waiting for
(   )6. A. thought     B. felt        C. wished       D. decided
(   )7. A. in          B. with        C. about        D. for
(   )8. A. fun         B. important    C. useful      D. dangerous
(   )9. A. turn on     B. turn off     C. open        D. close
(   )10. A. how        B. where        C. which       D. what

. 阅读理解

(1) 根据短文内容选择最佳选项。

Mr King works in a shop and drives a car for the manager. He drives carefully and can keep calm in time of danger. And he escaped from several accidents. The manager pays him more and the traffic policemen often speak highly of him.
      Mr Baker, one of his friends, works in a factory outside the city. Its far from his house and he has to go to work by bus. As the traffic is crowded in the morning, sometimes he’s late for the work. His manager warns the young man that he will be sent away unless he gets to his office on time. He hopes to buy a car, but he hasnt enough money. He decides to buy an old one. He went to the flea (跳蚤) market and at last he chose a beautiful but cheap car. He said he wanted to have a trial (试验) drive, the seller agreed. He called Mr King and asked him to help him.
        Mr King examined the car at first and then drove it away. It was five in the morning and there were few cars in the street. At first he drove slowly and it worked well. Then he drove fast. And when he reached a crossing, the lights turned red. He tried to stop it, but he failed and nearly hit an old woman who was crossing the street. A policeman told him to stop, but the car went on until it hit a big tree by the road.
    “Didnt you hear me?” the policeman asked angrily.
    “Yes, I did, sir,” said  Mr King, “Since it doesnt listen to me,can it obey you?”
  1. Mr King is paid more because he _______.
       A. always drives very slowly          B. is not afraid of danger
       C. had driven for years                 D. drives very well
   2. Mr Baker went to the flea market to _______.
      A. buy a second-hand car               B. have a trial drive
       C. choose a new car                      D. sell his old car
    3. Mr King tried to stop the car when _______.
      A. he saw an old woman crossing the street
      B. he saw a big tree
      C. the traffic lights turned red
      D. the policeman shouted angrily at him
  4. Which of the following is true?
      A. Mr King will be sent away if he keeps being late
      B. Mr Baker cant afford to buy an old car
      C. Mr King didnt hear the policeman
      D. Something was wrong with the car
      (2) 根据下面短文的内容判断句子正误,正确的为 T ,错误的为 F ,未提到的用N

Mrs . Jackson is an American doctor. She is now in China. She works in a childrens hospital in Chongqing. She is also learning Chinese medicine there. She likes Chinese medicine very much. She loves to work for children. She works hard in the day and reads English books on Chinese medicine at night. She learns Chinese from the Chinese doctors and her Chinese friends. Now she can speak some Chinese. She can read some Chinese, too. 
       Her husband, Mr. Jackson, is a teacher. He teaches English in a middle school in Chongqing. He works hard, too. He works from Monday to Friday. He teaches three classes every day .he wants to make more money. 
1. The Jacksons are from England. 
2. Mrs.Jackson works in a childrens hospital in Shanghai.
3. Mrs. Jackson is learning Chinese now. 
4. Mr. Jackson is an English teacher
5. Mr. Jackson doesn’t work hard .


   If you have a pet, like many people, you care for it as if it were your child. Meeting its needs and wants is an important part of your life, because you want it to be happy. However, there is one thing that it needs but can not tell you about: that is music. There are a few reasons why your pet should listen to music.

 Many pet owners play some music for their pets, because this can help their pets to feel better. Most people are out throughout the day, and leave their pets alone at home. To make their pets feel comfortable and safe, they try playing some music before they leave the house. This works on all pets and makes even the most relaxed pet more comfortable to be alone at home.

You might have to change the music to see what kind of music is best for your pet. If you want to calm your pet down, you will need to play soft music instead of hard rock or hip-hop music, which might make your pet excited.

  Also, you need to know that different pets respond differently to music. Hard rock music has also been found to work well to calm some pets down. And Piano music works well on most pets, but it works best on cats.

1. Why do you need to meet your pets needs and wants?


 2. What can you do to make your pet  feel comfortable before you leave the house?


3. Do all pets respond to music in the same way?


4. Which kind of music should you usually choose if you want to calm your pet down, soft music or rock music?


5. According to the passage, what kind of music works best on cats?



 1) 英汉互译

 1 . I havent made up my mind.


 2. Good health depends on good food.


 3. 我们对这个令人兴奋的消息感到兴奋。

     We are ________ at the _________ news.

 4. 他对疯狂英语很着迷。

    He ______ _______ ________ Crazy English.

 5. 踢足球是我最喜爱的运动。

     _________ _________ is my _________ sport.

2).  根据给出的中文信息填空。


                           1       (通知)

            2     ( 演讲) on America         3         ( 职业教育), given by the             

          4      ( 著名教授) Black,              5         ( 举行) in Room 202, the lecture hall          6           ( 本周五)            7             ( 下午2点). Those who           8             (想参加) must arrive  at the place on time.

All teachers and students             9        (欢迎).

                                           10      (学生会)    

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